THE BALANCE PROCEDURE (created by Jenny and Alan Cox)

What is The Balance Procedure?

The Balance Procedure is a transformational energy technique, it is a non-verbal relaxation energy technique which is a great tool for anyone to use in their daily life to bring about balance. Balance is key to creating our reality through our thoughts and imagination.

There are 9 universal energy cards which are used for the process of creating our own reality. The cards are used to give mind/body feedback through our emotions.

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The Balance Procedure is a great tool to learn to be able to create in the now, in areas such as relationships, abundance and health by focusing on what we want.

A session of the Balance Procedure includes identifying where you are out of balance, teaching you how to use the cards and book for yourself to bring yourself back into balance. The cost of the session includes a set of Balance Cards and book on the Balance Procedure universal symbols.

A session of TBP can be carried out either face to face or alternatively via Zoom or Facetime in which case the book and cards will be sent out ahead of the session.

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