Today, people are leading very busy lifestyles and working under immense pressure. Amongst the stress, I passionately believe it is important for people to relax, destress and unwind. Even just a short 20- minute treatment can make such a difference to stress levels, bringing the body back to a calm and balanced state.

Stress is known to be a big problem in the workplace which can cost the employer in terms of productivity. Stress on an employee can lead to a reduced quality of life. The body is able to cope with short-term stress however, in the long-term, stress is damaging to many of the body’s systems. This can result in all kinds of health conditions including high blood pressure, heart problems, back, neck, shoulder and muscle pain, higher rates of infection, irritable bowel syndrome and fertility problems. All these issues have an affect on the employee’s efficiency.

Corporate Packages are available for Reflexology and Indian Head Massage so please contact me with your requirements using the enquiry form below and I can put a package together that best suits your needs.

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